Videos From the Pandemic Time

If you're reading this, you too have survived the pandemic.

And we interrupt to mention this new, favorite video, a 6-minute TV interview in San Angelo, Texas. Ken Waldman was in residence from October 20-22, 2021 through SAPAC, San Angelo Performing Arts Center.

This interview first aired on KSAN/KLST with Senora Scott
on October 21, and explains what Ken did in the community:

March 2020, Ken Waldman was visiting partner, Lizzie Thompson, in rural Floyd County, Virginia. He was supposed to be there ten days before dates in Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Alaska, and on and on. Little did any of us know! Ken ended up in Floyd County for more than thirteen months. Though Lizzie is an accomplished cellist, and a rapidly improving fiddler and mandolin player, they didn't play much music, but Ken sure wrote a lot, and had five new books published in that time. And while he says he's always going to be slower technologically than most of his peers, he even attended a few virtual conferences as well as the occasional Zoom meeting. He didn't wholly disappear.

October 2020, Ken took a trip to Southwest Louisiana, where he long had a base outside of Alaska. There, in addition to emptying a storage unit, he visited long-time friend, Hugh Robertson, who over the years has helped with video work. They made four half-hour education videos (which Ken can forward on request to organizations looking to supplement online offerings in their communities). The  videos are a variation of what Ken offers in person during residencies. Two of the videos are for elementary schoolers; two are for middle school or high school students.

Hugh and Ken also made an 11 minute 40 second video that they called "Ken Waldman, with guests and surprises," a pandemic-era showcase of sorts. It's right here below. Ken plays a bit of solo fiddle, talks about some of what he does, and there's video from archives Hugh and Ken have accumulated--you'll see some of the amazing folks Ken is fortunate to have join him on stage. Alert viewers who know their American roots artists will catch (in photo or video) some friends Ken can have join him at shows: Aaron Jonah Lewis, Nic Gareiss, Brian Vollmer, Claire Byrne, Tom Bailey, Max Johnson, Chris Miller, Laura Cortese, Jenna Moynihan, Ryan Drickey, Richie Stearns, Riley Baugus, Evie Ladin, Beth Chrisman, Willi Carlisle, Kevin Carr, David Greeley, and more.  Scroll down further for four short videos from Ken's February 2021 livestream show in Henderson, Nevada, where he's accompanied by Willi Carlisle.

That's enough for now (though if you want to know more, drop Ken a line--there's always more, isn't there, including another pandemic video on this page).