Lizzie & Ken: Volcano Jamboree

Lizzie Thompson plays cello, mandolin, and fiddle. Also a writer, visual artist, and composer,
in autumn 2019 she began traveling with Ken Waldman and now joins him on stage at select
shows. She has a classical music background and for a number of years has been adapting
the cello to Irish, Scottish, and more recently Appalachian old-time music. She's excited to take
her love of traditional music on the road.

Ken Waldman plays fiddle and mandolin, and is a writer with 14 books and a fiddler with 9 CDs.
He's recorded over 100 of his own compositions. He's excited to see where this partnership
takes them.

When Lizzie and Ken play, expect lots of original tunes and medleys, poetry of music and place,
stories of Alaska, Hawaii, and more (which keep with the many old-time, string-band standards
they've been tinkering with in various ways). They're both committed to put together shows that
are fun, inspirational, and full of surprises (like guest musicians)--the kind they themselves enjoy
going to see.

Below, recent photos, some video, and more photos.

Did I say video? Here are eight: Ken reciting his iconic poem A Week and Eek, which leads to some twin fiddling on his equally iconic tune of the same title; Lizzie and Ken playing another of Ken's tunes, Burnt Down House; then three more videos featuring that cello and fiddle sound, all traditional tunes, all with poems, and on Cluck Old Hen there's even a bit of what some might call singing. We've also added two of Ken's original waltzes, an instrumental, Miss Renee's Waltz, and another, The Christmas Eve Waltz, which includes a poem with the same title. And then we added one more: Ken's waltz for Tom & Sally, a poem for them, and then a tune Lizzie and Ken made up together in Hawaii and is titled Volcano Jam.