"Ken Waldman is a contemporary American troubadour--surely the greatest since Carl Sandburg, but you would better understand the evolving impact of his work by considering Bruce Springsteen, Ken Kesey, William Least Heat Moon. . . . Did I mention Kerouac? Indeed, Waldman's Are You Famous? is the On the Road of our age."
--Robin Metz, author of Unbidden Angel, awarded the Rilke International Poetry award, and Director of Creative Writing, Knox College

"A primer for anyone considering the arts as a profession. . . . fascinating reading for musicians and writers, no matter the experience or ability."
--Tom Druckenmiller, contributing writer Sing Out! Magazine, radio host “In the Tradition” WDIY-FM

"If you have ever seriously considered pursuing a career in the music business or any other like profession where you must travel and self promote, this is a must read."
--Kevin Grastorf, Store Manager, Employee Reviews, The Reader’s Cove, Fort Collins CO

"Are You Famous? is a book about making music and poems, about America, but finally, it is a book about hope. . . . I really loved the book."
--Al Maginnes, music critic and poet, author of Ghost Alphabet, Film History, and The Light in Our House

"A suggested must-read for our staff, Ken reminds us of the passion and tenacity that must stay alive among and between artists and presenters if we are to survive and thrive in these challenging times."
--Scott D. Stoner, Chief Program Officer, Association of Performing Arts Presenters, Washington D.C.

"Are You Famous? is the story of a man who is anything but famous (in the traditional sense), but whose generous artistic spirit makes him a compelling and memorable figure."
--Cody Daigle, Times of Acadiana, Lafayette LA

"Highly recommended for personal, academic, and community library collections, Are You Famous? is an honest and candid perspective on the music industry from the inside."
--Mary Cowper, Midwest Book Review

"Waldman makes real life as engaging as fiction."
--Art Menius, Director, Appalshop, Whitesburg KY (now at The ArtsCenter, Carrboro NC)

"Are You Famous? is the ultimate DIY guide and inspirational text.
--Jarret Keene, Tucson Weekly

"A fabulous read, chatty, friendly prose, that makes you feel like Ken is sitting right beside you. . . . I loved the book!"
--Deborah Smith, Director, Newberry Opera House, Newberry SC

"[Waldman’s] need to openly dispel myths of the road, and romantic notions of suffering, may serve as that rare, much-needed reality check for other aspiring artists."
--Kyle Jones Schrader, The Florida Review

"Ken's story is . . . all our stories, collected and distilled by a roving poet/musician possessed of a clear eye and a big heart. Waldman is clearly in the tradition of Walt Whitman, Woody Guthrie, John Steinbeck, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Ken Kesey."
--Jim Clark, Jordan Professor of Southern Literature and Writer in Residence, Barton College, Wilson NC

"Blending inspiration with cautionary tale, this insightful memoir takes readers into the challenges and rewards of a resourceful, optimistic, and creative life."
--Nancy Lord, author of The Man Who Swam with Beavers and former writer laureate of the state of Alaska

". . . tells the truth about life in the music biz and gets it right."
--Greg Spatz, author of Fiddler's Dream and Wonderful Tricks, fiddler for John Reischman and the Jaybirds