Down the Road


Hancock County professional development

Kiln MS

Ken Waldman will be spending the day working with high school and middle school teachers, plus meeting with some students, and (he thinks) doing a small public event in the evening. Thanks to Catherine Tibbs at the Performing Arts Center connected with the school district.


Red Hook Roots Music Variety

Jalopy, Brooklyn

This is the way to start the new year. More details as I have them.


Boston area set

Club Passim, Cambridge MA

I'll be doing a set where I expect to be joined by Joel Wennerstrom, Erica Weiss, and others. Great venue. And it'll be a book release show too!


Antelope Valley outreach through LPAC

Lancaster CA

I'll be visiting schools for two days!


Trinity County Schools


Ken Waldman with Willi Carlisle--a show for 6-8 graders.


Crib Concerts


More details as Ken has them, but he'll certainly be joined by an ace accompanist or two.