The four videos below were from Ken Waldman's Roots Music Variety Show, October 9, 2014 at Texas A&M University, and was sponsored by AVPA (Academy of Visual & Performing Arts). Ken Waldman was joined by a troupe of musicians and dancers: Ira Bernstein & Riley Baugus from North Carolina, Evie Ladin and Keith Terry from Northern California, David Greely from Louisiana, the string-band Rebel Dan (Jerry Hagins, Tim Wooten, Angie Wooten, Beth Chrisman) from Austin, and special guests. These videos document the beginning of the show, the dance set prior to intermission, Ken Waldman's set with Rebel Dan immediately following the intermission, and then there's the 100-minute version of the show, from a brief introduction by Kirsten Pullen of AVPA to the closing set. In addition to these videos, on request there's also video of excerpts which include sets by the troupe members.


The video below was made prior to a February 2012 Arts & Issues series show at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, outside of St. Louis. Ken Waldman brought a troupe of stellar musicians: Appalachian Roots duo of Ira Bernstein and Riley Baugus; Cajun fiddler, David Greely; the duo of Allison Williams and David Long; and a pair of multi-instrumentalists Ken often plays with, Jordan Wankoff, from Chicago, and Jerry Hagins, from Austin. Here's a letter written by the presenter who produced that show.


And below is an excerpt of a holiday variety show at the Capitol Theatre in Rome New York, December 2012. Here, Ken Waldman is joined by banjo players Andrea Cooper and Eli Smith; by guitarist, Sabra Guzman; by fiddler, Alex Caton; and by multi-instrumentalist, Jerron Paxton.

A one-time gathering of talent, this is another example of the kind of musicians Ken Waldman will bring together. Each program features ensemble playing as well as smaller groups, and the program always crosses disciplines to include traditional string-band music, original poetry, and Alaska-set storytelling. Most shows also include percussive dance. For this particular show there was an emphasis on poetry for the season and also featured the Bond Street Euterpean Singing Society who sang carols and other songs appropriate for a holiday setting.

And, finally. here's a reference letter about a 2012 roots music variety show at Cal Poly Arts in San Luis Obispo, California where Ken Waldman was joined by The Brainstormers (Tom Sauber, Patrick Sauber, Mark Graham), Evie Ladin & Keith Terry, and Ray Bierl.